Camera bodies

I shoot weddings using a pair of Sony α9 bodies. These are in my opinion, without any doubt the best camera on the market for professional documentary wedding photographers. Always ask how many camera bodies your wedding photography will have as any professional will always carry two bodies. This not only enables me to quickly alternate between my preferred fixed lenses without missing anything during a lens change,  but means I always have a back up should one body fail or get damaged during the wedding. ( This has never happened by the way)


Sony 85mm 1.4 G Master lens. This is an incredible lens, perfect for shooting my style of beautifully relaxed, natural portraits, thanks to it's wide aperture. I use it to capture crisp images, blowing out the background and for those key moments throughout the ceremony and speeches.

Sony 50mm 1.8 ​F lens. I really love this lightweight little lens, slightly wider than the 85mm, it's my go to lens for preparation, venue and detail shots.

Sony FE 35mm 1.4 za lens. Such an all rounder that it's always attached to one body. With it's super wide aperture it's ideal for lowlight venues because as a documentary style photographer, I always avoid flash - except for the first dance and during the party!

Sony 24mm 1.4 Gm lens. This is an amazing wide angle lens perfect for capturing atmosphere shots during the celebrations.

Flash guns. I have two Sony HVL - F43M flash guns. Because I only usually use flash during the evening celebrations, I keep both of them on remote triggers, using them to add and enhance the effect for the first dance.  They are also great for lighting twilight wedding portraits and groups. 


















What else ? 

Spare batteries

: Typically I will need four camera batteries for a wedding. I usually do a battery change when everybody's eating. 


MacBook Pro: I always carry this with me to download and back up all the files taken on the day.  As soon as I get back to my office, all the files are then transferred again onto a 8TB LaCie Porsche external hard drive. Only after backing up the files will I reformat the Sony SD cards. 

SD memory cards: I carry four 128GBSony SD memory cards. One of the best things about the Sony α9 cameras is each body has two SD card slots fir ultimate reliability. I get asked lots of question, but never about the number of card slots which is probably the FIRST question I would ask.  A professional photographer will only use equipment which can process images onto two memory cards at the same time. This is because if one card fails or becomes corrupted, there is that all important back up! I have two Sony 128GB memory cards in each camera for this reason.

Phone and passport ( you always carry your passport with you to be ready for any assignment when you work in editorial, so this is habit more than necessity, but I still like to be prepared for anything!) 



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