Hotel Weddings

Hotel weddings in Norfolk | Hotel wedding venues in Norfolk | Getting married in a hotel in Norfolk

Hotel weddings are popular because they are by far the most convenient way to get married, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still create a unique one of a kind amazing Norfolk wedding day!

There’s an impressive range of hotels you can get married in around Norfolk and Suffolk, so you’re bound to find something to fit with the style and size of your wedding.

One of the biggest draws for couple’s who’ve booked me to photograph their hotel wedding is always the onsite accommodation.

Being able to get ready at the venue – knowing you’re both already there - really does help couples feel more relaxed on their wedding morning, banishing any fears they may have about ‘getting there on time.’

Getting ready at the venue also makes it straightforward for your wedding photographer to document both of your morning preparations without spending time travelling between venues.

Wherever possible I much prefer to shoot weddings alone because I like to document days in the same cohesive style from start to finish.

As a former press photographer I’m used to working at lightening speed, so this really isn’t a challenge for me.

When I’m photographing a Norfolk hotel wedding it’s easy for me to flit between both parties meaning I capture more of your preps.

Hotels usually provide really spacious and light rooms for brides and grooms getting ready which are the magic words for all wedding photographers!

Getting ready in the same hotel means your wedding prep photography will have a very different finish than, for example, if you were both getting ready at home or in different venues.

I’m not saying one is preferable to the other, but if you want a more ‘clean and polished’ look then a hotel suite will likely be the better choice for you.