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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

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Norwich Castle wedding
Amy & Laurence get hitched at Norwich Castle.

Small weddings with BIG style.

Small weddings have always been popular, but ‘micro wedding’ is the un - expected buzzword of 2020.

Perhaps an intimate wedding has always been your plan, I know it was mine! 

Or perhaps you’re considering downscaling due to guidelines, either way - small weddings really do rock.

My wife and I planned our dream micro wedding before restrictions were even a thing…

Our perfect wedding was ALWAYS going to be a small, simple but elegant ceremony followed by a huge feast with our nearest and dearest at our favourite London restaurant.

It was informal, fun and relaxed: like the best, loudest dinner party ever - with un-limited champagne and fancy clothes.

Big can be amazing, but small can be too, and this is especially true when it comes to weddings.

As you’ll see in the photographs here, the smiles, the joy, the elation and jubilation that comes with saying ‘ I do’ is just the same, regardless of the number of guests you have.

I’ve photographed many smaller weddings recently for obvious reasons.

And as well as all the usual excitement, jubilance and cheer there’s also a real sense of triumph and victory.

Because anybody getting married in 2020 has had to overcome so much to make it to the top of the aisle and that’s even more reason to celebrate!

At a post lockdown wedding you can really feel the camaraderie, love and support from the chosen guests, it really means something to them - and to you - that they are there.

Changing your plans to work within guidelines requires compromise and perseverance. Re-imagining the wedding you had in your head takes courage and requires creativity and imagination.

These are pretty strong foundations to build a marriage on and for that reason I have a huge amount of respect for anybody who gets married in 2020.

Whatever size wedding you’re planning, I want your wedding photographs to document the reality of your day, to bring to life all the incredible memories every time you look at them.

So 15 guests or 500 guests, my approach is the same - authentic documentary style imagery that preserves forever what will undoubtedly be some of the best moments of your life.

Here in Norfolk we're blessed with some wonderful venues perfect for hosting small and intimate weddings. If you're considering a micro wedding in Norwich and want to have a chat about your plans, drop me a line to arrange a consultation.

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