Tipi Weddings

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

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Tipi garden wedding

The trend for tipi weddings in Norfolk is still going strong – and with good reason.

I can’t imagine I’m the only Norfolk wedding photographer who gets a bit excited when I see an enquiries form land in my inbox about a tipi wedding.

Being based in this neck of the woods means I’m fortunate to get quite a few of them!

I love natural, relaxed, fun wedding days and these things seem to go hand in hand with tipi weddings and importantly, the couple’s who tend to want them.

As a wedding photographer, I can’t help coming at things from a picture perspective and tipi weddings never fail to deliver on this front.

A big part of that is thanks to the wedding location and setting.

Tipi weddings obviously require lots of outdoor space and us wedding photographers love lots of outdoor space in pretty locations.

The tipi weddings I’ve photographed in Norfolk tend to have been shot on private land in either generously sized back gardens or on farmland with pretty spectacular views.

So not only does the tipi itself look fabulous thanks to the beige canvas and natural wood frame, but also the rolling countryside it’s usually sat on!

If you have your heart set on a tipi wedding in Norfolk, but don’t happen to have ( or know anybody else with) a spare patch of land don’t discount the idea.

Instead you could contact a tipi supplier and they’ll likely have a list of possible locations for you to try.

Think outside of the box. Hiring a tipi opens a world of possibilities for your wedding day so also consider contacting campsites, farms or village halls with large outdoor spaces to see if you can hire their land for your tipi wedding.

It will cost more, but some Norfolk hotels and stately home wedding venues will allow you to put up a tipi on their land as part of your wedding package.

This means you get the laid back cool of the tipi with the bonus of accommodation for your guests and all the other perks that come with a permanent venue, like onsite catering.

It also means you could get married on the site of your tipi, rather than having to travel from your ceremony venue to your tipi.

What couples really love about tipi weddings is the blank canvas to create their own unique wedding and much like a rustic barn, tipis really can look incredible with very little effort.

I’ve seen couples transform their tipi into a stunning wedding venue with simple festoon lighting, bunting and hay bales!

The rustic route might seem the most obvious to go down when you are planning a tipi wedding in Norfolk, but that doesn’t mean tipi weddings can’t be ultra luxurious too.

Tipi weddings are also perfect for festival themed weddings so think more fire pits and relaxed bean bag seating with some festival style food trucks.

Some couples take the tipi theme one step further by inviting their guests to bring their own tents and camp overnight or even for the weekend!

Of course sleeping under canvas might not be everybody’s cup of tea but some tipi providers can also supply and set up luxury camping accommodation for your guests so they can sleep in their own mini bell tents with comfortable beds.

If you’re planning to party into the early hours a tipi wedding is perfect as there’s no time constraints, like you may have at a hotel or other Norfolk wedding venue.

So, though in my opinion, tipi weddings are brilliant - there are a few things to consider with a tipi wedding, the biggest perhaps b