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Norfolk wedding photographers
  • Are you a full time wedding photographer ?
    Yep! shooting weddings for clients across Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge, Essex and the rest of the UK is my full time job.
  • Where are you based?
    I’m based in the heart of the Norfolk Broads, in the village of Upton, just outside of Norwich, Norfolk. But I shoot weddings across Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge, Essex, London and the rest of the UK and abroad.
  • What is documentary wedding photography?
    In short, it means photographing your wedding in a natural, and relaxed way. It's a term used a lot, but my stye of documentary wedding photography was shaped by years of experience as a news photojournalist. I bring these same skills to weddings by discreetly capturing natural moments in considered and thoughtful frames that really do tell a story. I love shooting weddings this way because people always look their best when they're not posing and instead enjoying the moment with the people they love. So apart from relaxed portraits and family groups, there's no posing or staging. This approach is perfect for camera shy or self conscious couples as clients usually forget I’m even there taking photos.
  • What makes you different?
    I'm a photojournlaist so I combine reportage documenatry style wedding photography with more traditonal portriature and groups for what I think is the ‘ perfect blend’ of wedding photography to document your day.
  • What qualifications do you have ?
    I trained as a photo-journalist at Sheffield University in conjunction with the NCTJ. ( The National Council For The Training of Journalists)
  • What experience do you have ?
    Lots! I've only ever worked as professional photographer, first in editorial for magazines and newspapers shooting celebrities, royalty and news events around the world, before getting hooked on weddings. I left the world of press photography behind to focus 100 per cent on weddings.
  • Will it be you photographing our wedding ?
    Yes absolutely, if you book me, you get me. I prefer to work alone and most of the weddings you see on my website were shot by me only. A second photographer is a valuable asset only if timings or locations make it impossible for me to capture everything myself. I will always advise you if I think that is the case and will only ever hire a second shooter with the same skills and experience as me for a cohesive result.
  • How far will you travel ?
    Yes I’ve travelled all over the world taking photos for clients and will happily travel to weddings anywhere in the UK and abroad.
  • Do we need a pre shoot ?
    No, but spending time with me and my camera before the wedding might help you to feel more relaxed on the day.
  • Will you visit the venue ?
    It's not always possible, especially if you're getting married abroad. It's likely that I've already shot at your wedding venue previously, but don't worry if not, I love shooting a new venue, it really gets the creative juices flowing. Wherever you're getting married, I always arrive really early to get familiar with the setting, scope out the best locations and set up equipment.
  • Do we meet you beforehand ?
    Yes if you want to, I’m always happy to meet for a chat in person or on skype. But if you want to just get on and book go ahead!
  • Why is wedding photography so expensive ?
    As with any trade, you get what you pay for. A ‘cheap’ wedding photographer is unlikely to be an experienced professional and this will be reflected in the service you receive ( and the pictures you'll have to look at for a very long time!) There's no second chances with wedding photography so always chose wisely. My costing is based on the time I'll spend at your wedding and the time I'll spend editing hundreds of images to ensure they're perfect for you.
  • What does editing involve?
    Cropping and adjusting all levels to achieve a ‘ finished’ edit. It takes the latest software and a professional eye for a perfect natural finish. There’s a big difference between a raw file and the finished photo.
  • What happens if you lose or break your camera ?
    I’m a professional so rest assured that I have back up equipment and I am fully insured. I've never not got ' the shot' in 20 years of professional photography.
  • What happens if you are ill on our wedding day ?
    I can honestly say that in my 20 year career I have never ever missed a shoot anywhere in the world - and I've been sent on some pretty challenging assignments by national newspapers! However, should the worst happen ( and it really would have to be the worst...) I'm part of several networks of professional photographers who have each other's backs in situations like this so you can rest assured you would not be let down.
  • What will you wear on my wedding day ?
    I like to think I dress smart / casual to blend in with your guests. This means I can easily move around the venue, discreetly capturing the day as it unfolds naturally without anybody feeling uncomfortable. When I’m shooting in a documentary style I want people to feel relaxed and natural so I do my best to blend in.
  • What if it rains on my wedding day ?
    I’m a trained professional so rest assured that I have all the kit and lighting to ensure the best results whatever the weather!
  • Do I need two photographers ?
    No, I’m a confident and quick worker and I find working alone I’m perfectly able to capture everything. This keeps costs down for you. But in some circumstaces a second photographer might be a wise idea and I will always advise if I think it's needed. I only use second photographer with the same skill and experience. It costs an additonal fee.
  • Will you photograph family groups ?
    Yes of course. I shoot predominately in a documentary style, but love to include relaxed portraits and groups which when curated together will tell the story of your wedding day perfectly. We’ll discuss the balance that’s right for you at consultation. I like to keep portraits and groups natural and relaxed to compliment the documentary / reportage style.
  • How soon do we receive our photographs?
    Approximately six weeks after your wedding. This allows time for to perfectly edit your images before you receive them. I professionally edit every image myself and I don't want to rush this. But if your wedding is off peak you may receive them sooner.
  • How do we get our photographs ?
    Most couples receive a USB and access to an online gallery so they can dowload, share and print as they wish. Bespoke leather albums are the best way to showcase your wedding pictures though and these are available seperately or as part of your package.
  • How many photographs will I get ?
    With all day coverage it's always a minimum of 600, but could be many more - it really does depend on your day. I really don’t set a limit, I keep shooting to ' tell the story' of your day and will edit and send all of the best images curated into a cohesive story that will transport you back to your wedding day long after its over.
  • Black and white or colour ?
    Both! I love black and white photogrpahy so you will receive a set of your images in colour and another set edited in black and white.
  • Do you do professional wedding albums ?
    Yes, I've sourced the most beautiful albums to display your images. Designed and made to order in the UK. Please ask me to show you some samples. Matching parent books are also available.
  • Are you insured ?
    Yes I have personal liability insurance and my camera kit is insured.
  • Who owns the copyright ?
    Photographers always retain copyright, but you are granted a full license to use your images as you wish. I retain the right to use work in my portfolio. If you don’t want to appear on my social media, just say so.
  • How do we book ?
    Simple, just ask me for a link to my online booking form. Once you've completed it and followed the steps to make your booking payment your date is reserved in my diary.

Jeremy James is a Norwich based wedding photographer shooting documentary style wedding photography for relaxed couples across Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and beyond. 


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